Multi-component plastic injection moulding

Vertical and horizontal injection moulding machines

The company Weppler Czech s.r.o. specializes in a wide range of plastic injection molding and multi-component injection molding processes. Since 1994, we have become a key player in the field of plastic manufacturing and our clients can rely on our ability to process a variety of materials with the highest precision.

Multi-component injection moulding - Our area of expertise

Plastic injection molding is one of our core specialties, and has been for decades. Our skills and experience in this sector have made us one of the leading manufacturers in the plastic processing industry. We have the knowledge and technical means to process a variety of plastic materials including PA, PP, POM and HDPE.

Multi-component injection moulding - Unique capabilities

Our clients can use the multi-component injection molding technique, which means we are able to combine different types of materials in the same part. This technique is proving extremely useful for producing complex parts that require a combination of plastic, metal and plastic/metal fabric. With our vertical and horizontal injection moulding machines, we can provide precision multi-component injection moulding.

Our technological capabilities - Machinery

To achieve excellent results in multi-component injection moulding, we have equipped our facilities with state-of-the-art machinery.

Our 70 injection moulding machines have a clamping force in the range of 250 - 4,500 kN, which enables us to handle even the most demanding production tasks.

With our vertical and horizontal injection moulding machines, you can be sure that your multi-component plastic parts will be produced with the highest precision and quality. Contact us today and let us know your multi-component plastic injection molding needs and we will be happy to provide you with a customized solution.

Our commitment to high quality and technological advancement makes us your ideal partner for multi-component plastic injection molding.

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